Growing up in Long Island, NY I lived across the street from a 1959 Corvette convertible. Like any other kid who loves corvettes I said I’m going to get one someday. So I worked summer jobs and saved and in 1968 I put a deposit on my dream 427 convertible. Unfortunately they wouldn’t insurance it so I went and purchased a VW Beetle. LoL, hey it was a four speed and I always called it my corvette.

Live happens and I finally was able to purchase my first Jeannette a 2012 Grand Sport coupe. Then along comes Jeannette 16 a StingRay convertible then Jeannette 19 a Grand Sport convertible. Who knows what is next.

I named my Corvettes after my Mom who always told me never give up your dream “You will get it someday”

Ron LaScala aka “FunCruzn