What a night! 40 club members met at the Pittsboro Roadhouse for dinner and dancing. What a fun event for a hot summer’s night! The Roadhouse is in a building that used to be a car dealership – so it was all car themed – including the old, large garage doors in the old service bay! The dinner service was actually pretty quick for a group our size and the owner of the restaurant blocked off seating right up front on the dance floor. And, boy, did we dance! So, the challenge was to determine which club members would:

  • Dance like Elvis
  • Do the Funky Chicken
  • Engage in a “little” Dirty Dancing
  • And, yes – who would be our “Twinkle Toes”


As the evening wore on, it became quickly evident who would be awarded each of those titles:

  • Michael Butler shook it like Elvis
  • Ceil Hall definitely did some “Funky” dancing
  • Alan and Marsha Valek (aka Patrick Swayze and “Baby”)
  • It’s amazing how light Fred Blinne was on his feet – he’s our “Twinkle Toes”.

See you at the next event!