The brisk weather was perfect for a night-time Christmas parade. Club member, Michelle Hines, organized a great holiday event.

The Christmas festivities began with a cozy lunch at Pomodoro Italian Kitchen in Durham. We created quite a stir when the Corvettes pulled into the parking lot. Then it was off to the staging area in Hillsborough. All of Santa’s Elves worked diligently to decorate their cars. Our creative group used everything from suction cups to hold the lights in place, to special tape securing stuffed animals on the cars. The bravest elf of them all, Michael Armand, drove his Corvette on the interstate with the suction cups already in place – and none fell off! It was quite a sight to see our beautiful Corvettes all decked out for the holiday’s.

Each participant was more than willing to offer words of wisdom on how best to secure the accoutrements. Of course, the participants themselves had to “deck the halls” as well. There was the elf leading the party (Michelle Hines), Mickey and Minnie made an appearance (Pete and Loni) and the rest of Santa’s helpers were either lit up with holiday necklaces or wore holiday hats.

It was quite the crowd that turned out to see the parade. Lots of smiling faces and shouts of “Merry Christmas” as we blared Christmas music from the cars. Oh, and of course there was a bit of engine revving as well. You know Santa’s sleigh needs to growl with power.

Enjoy the video and hope to see you at the parade next year.