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2016 was spectacular. I drove My 57 Corvette to Galveston for a National Show in October. Covered 3600 miles in 11 days and 14 states. Excitement, you bet, generator tried to fall off, gumbo soup in a Louisiana motel parking lot, 90 MPH across Texas, broken seat springs and a few more issues on a […]


It took me a year and three different dealers to finally get an order for my ZR1 accepted into GM’s production schedule. But it was well worth the wait and I was thrilled when it finally was delivered in December 2018. I name all my cars and this one is appropriately called “Omega”, as in […]

“Mello” and Me

There are myriad stories related to companionship. Many are about people; Romeo and Juliet, Roy and Dale, Liz Taylor and any number of men, Richard Nixon and Billy Graham, Yogi, Billy, and Whitey, just to name a few. There are those about people and animals; Timmy and Lassie, Roy and Trigger, Gene and Champion, Wilbur […]


We would like to introduce you to Maxine, a gorgeous Roman Red 1962 Corvette Convertible owned by club members, Christopher and Nancy Bolen. Now, just how did Maxine get her name? Take a look at the clip on You Tube from the movie When Harry Met Sally and you’ll understand (fast forward to 2:57 and […]

Members and the Corvette Passion We Shar...

Adam and Valerie Berkowitz, members since 2011, are true Corvette addicts. Adam admitted to spending thousands on modifications to his Corvette. But, the costs weren’t all purely car related. There was also mention of “carats” as part of the negotiated deal to feed this addiction. Adam and Valerie joined RTP Corvettes to expand their social […]