32 members and 17 great looking corvettes, and 1 beautiful McLaren, went behind the scenes at Seymour Johnson AFB to see what really goes on. This was a tour that was several months in the making, and from what I was told it was worth the wait. Our morning started out meeting up at JR’s Cigars, then a 40 minute drive over to the base where some needed to process on to the base.

After everyone was processed, we headed through the main gate with escorts from the base. Destination “Flight line”

Once we arrived at the gate to enter the flight line, all drivers needed to exit their vehicles, and perform a F.O.D check. Foreign Object Debris.

Upon entering the flight line we headed over to the F-15 Eagle. It doesn’t get any closer than this.

While at the F-15, we learned some history of the base and the plane, which was presented to the group by SSgt Charles.

We had a few jets taxi by us, checking out our cars too.

Taxi by of F-15

From what I could see, everyone enjoyed themselves at the F-15 Display.

After our tour of the F-15 Eagle, we parked our cars at the Officers Club, and got on the base bus, for our next stop, a tour of the Control Tower. Here we learned all the ins and outs of the air space in the local area. It was a very good presentation.

Our final stop was a look at the pilots parachute and ejection seat, survival gear and the pilot simulator. We got an up close look at a pilot flight helmet. Only costs 175K.

She bailed out, once Pete got behind the controls

After the tour concluded we headed to the Olive Garden for lunch.

Finally, I would like to send a special thanks to SSgt Keiser and SSgt Charles of the 4th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office for helping put this tour together.

This tour was several months in the making with a lot of changes due to mission requirements at Seymour Johnson. Thanks for sticking with it, and maybe next year we will visit the “Gas Passers” of the KC 135 Tanker Squadron, so stay tuned. That’s All Folks

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