It was a beautiful morning in Cary NC as RTP members started pulling onto Academy Street at 7:30am.

It seemed to fill up fast with all the classic cars and trucks lining up the road for display.

With the help of over 50 members, all the vehicles seemed to be judged in record time. Among the camaraderie and music everyone had a great time socializing and visiting with the many spectators, their children, and their dogs and horses too got into the act.

Loni made a new friend, “Maverick”
Missed a spot
Trying to take a vette out for a joy ride
Some serious judging, make them take everything not original out. Way to go Vaughn
Try to acquire this for the new RTP club car.

Club members who won trophies were:

Duane Barlow for his McClaren

Jim Lewis for his C6 “ETTEVROC”

Chris and Nancy Bolen for “Maxine”

A special thanks goes out to Jim Lewis and Ken Waters for all their hard work.

Photos were taken by Bruce Kollmann and Dean Smith