The weather was perfect for the 9th annual “Vettes for Vets” car show at Shelton Vineyards, with well over 200 Corvettes from 1954 to 2019, there was plenty of eye candy for everyone. Friday started out with lunch at Skull Camp Brewery, great food and drinks. If you see a smile on Jimmy’s face it was because of the peach cider he was drinking. Thanks goes out to Bob & Dawn Downs for finding this great establishment.

It was a hot day, but the crowd was in great spirits, opening up their wallets at the museum booth, as well as the wine tastings and the food trucks.

RTP members had loads of fun, from lunch on Friday @ Skull Camp Brewery to ice cream and cards at the hotel after dinner each night. Some even went for a dip in the pool after the car show. Once again, a huge successful trip and show. Kudos to Frank & Laura for all their hard work.

I was able to find Kool & the Gang and their rides hiding in the shade.

But there is 5 cars, so where is the other member????????

So you thought you could hide.

During my walk around the grounds I got to meet and talk to a lot fine folks from other clubs. This is what it’s all about, enjoy.