It took me a year and three different dealers to finally get an order for my ZR1 accepted into GM’s production schedule. But it was well worth the wait and I was thrilled when it finally was delivered in December 2018.

I name all my cars and this one is appropriately called “Omega”, as in the last letter of the Greek alphabet. Yes, I’ve had two Z06 Corvettes with the same name, but this is truly ‘my last one’.

With its cold air intake boosting the standard 755 horse power to 772 horsepower, its ability to go 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, and the capacity to run at 212 mph, what more can I ask for? I’ve wrapped her from splitter to spoiler in Suntech film with ceramic coating on top and dressed up the engine compartment. Omega is well prepared to live out my days with me.

If you see a brilliant yellow flash in your rear-view mirror, flash your lights and I will be delighted to pull over and show you Omega in all her glory.

Andy Krumwiede, aka “Pops”