From the thoughts of Henry Parker,

I have been a Corvette enthusiast for quite a few years. Got my first ride in a corvette when I was sixteen with one of my co-workers. I remember thinking how very fast it was. Later I worked at a pizza restaurant and my boss always kept a corvette. I also got smoked at a stop light when I had my 68 GTO in 1970 by a corvette. It was quick! So the corvette became my sports car of choice at an early age. I really didn’t know how I would ever be able to get one. I spent years looking at corvette magazines and wishing.

Finally I felt like I wait no longer so I took five thousand dollars and went on the hunt for my first corvette. I was able to buy a 76 C3. It drove fine but a closer inspection revealed that it needed a lot of work. After putting nearly 8,000 dollars in restoration work on it I was disappointed that it needed too much work to get it like I wanted. I sold it and bought a 1992, turquoise blue corvette. It was great until I needed a family car and traded it for a 93 Lexus.

My love of America’s number 1 sports car continued and I started purchasing model corvette cars. I still have the collection but I missed the real thing too much. I went to Auto Trader and found a 94 Corvette for sale. The photo was kind of grainy so I couldn’t tell the exact color. Anyway my dad and I took a road trip to see it. I remember thinking any color but dark green. We get there and what color is the car, green! I bought it anyway with the idea of changing the color. I did later have it painted blue.

Although I had it painted, a very professional job, I might add, I still felt like it was green. There wasn’t any sign of the old paint not even in the door jams but I wasn’t satisfied. I went back to the Auto Trader. I found a 1999 beautiful red corvette. When I got in it I realized that it was a standard shift. In my early years of driving I have owned several straight drives so I convinced myself that that was ok. I enjoyed driving that little red corvette but I felt like I could do better and besides it was much easier for me to drive when it was an automatic shift. So off to the dealership I went.

Somehow I figured I would find a better selection at the dealership. So I purchased a great looking 2006 dark blue corvette, with the heads up display. It was my first corvette with low mileage. I took a few road trips but when the C7 came out, I was smitten. I had to have one. I had less than 20,000 miles on the 2006 but I was absolutely drawn to the new body style. I made an appointment with the dealership in early 2014.

To make a long story short, we couldn’t make a deal on the C7. What what they would do is sell me a brand new 2013 Grand Sport. The deal was so good that I couldn’t refuse it. How about no money down and zero interest. So I bought the C6. I thought I would be satisfied but 3000 miles later in a year and a half, I still wanted the C7. I found that I couldn’t get it out of my system. So I scheduled an an appointment with the dealership. Finally a left with 2016 night race blue C7.

The Corvette transformation is finally complete or is it? Been looking at the Z06. Maybe a little rich for my blood.