Meet Sandra Silberman and George Williamson (aka Wonder Woman and Clark Kent) who are new members of the club. As Sandra tells it she went to school for “too long”. She attended (get this): Johns Hopkins, Cornell and Harvard! She was an academic researcher and then switched to Yale! She worked on one of the first targeted therapies for cancer. “rather than throwing a bomb at it, we targeted the Achilles Heal”. Today she is an attending physician in hematology/oncology at the VA. George is “no sloucher either”. He may seem quiet, but he has that Superman “S” hiding underneath. He was a sub mariner during the Vietnam War. And – while he was in the war, Sandra protested it – what a combination! He retired after 39 1/2 years of working his way up in General Dynamics.

When George and Sandra met in 1992 it was “magical”. Of course, just how magical was not divulged – even after some persistent prodding. Along the way they had twin girls – and yes, they follow in Mom and Dad’s footsteps. They each have made the Dean’s List. One wants to be a surgeon and the other wants to be a physical therapist. George bemoaned the fact that neither wanted to follow in his field of engineering.

So, how did they end up in RTP Corvettes? According to Sandra, George had a mid life crisis/empty nester moment and wanted a brand new toy. Their neighbor, Ken Waters, got a new Corvette and George was salivating – who wouldn’t? So off he went and bought a white, 2016 Z51. They are also relatively new in town and wanted to find a similar group to the boating club they belonged to back in Connecticut. Hmmm boats, cars – it’s all good. The first event they attended with the club was the Special Ops Museum trip in Fayetteville and they are looking forward to joining us for more.

Please stop by and say hi to George and Sandra at the next club meeting.