Welcome Bryan Oakley as one of our newest members of RTP Corvettes. He has a great passion for all cars. In addition to his Corvette, he also has a 1987 Porsche 911 Carrera and a 1966 C10 Chevy Truck. Gotta love a guy who loves performance cars and trucks!

Bryan owns a 1966 Silver Coup Corvette with a 427 cid/425 hp engine. She is one gorgeous, big block! Bryan has always been drawn to the C2 series – he remembers having Corvette posters on his walls as a boy. He loves the lines, the pipes on the side and the sound she makes. It is THE premium car in his collection. He found the car just 3 short months ago in Wilmington, NC and hasn’t done a thing to it. It had a slight “touch-up” about 8 years ago, but no major restoration work. The engine was replaced sometime in the late 60’s – as Bryan said, “the guys would get them back in the day and go a little wild”.

While he really would like to join club members on some of our longer trips, he’s not too keen on doing anything outside the local area with his vintage car. He’s more caretaker of an older model with vintage parts. The last thing he wants is to have something go wrong in a small town in the middle of nowhere. He’d prefer to stick closer to home base and is looking forward to joining other club members on our “in-town” events.

Extend a warm RTP Welcome to Bryan….