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Wheels on Academy 2019

It was a beautiful morning in Cary NC as RTP members started pulling onto Academy Street at 7:30am. It seemed to fill up fast with all the classic cars and trucks lining up the road for display. With the help of over 50 members, all the vehicles seemed to be judged in record time. Among […]


2016 was spectacular. I drove My 57 Corvette to Galveston for a National Show in October. Covered 3600 miles in 11 days and 14 states. Excitement, you bet, generator tried to fall off, gumbo soup in a Louisiana motel parking lot, 90 MPH across Texas, broken seat springs and a few more issues on a […]


It took me a year and three different dealers to finally get an order for my ZR1 accepted into GM’s production schedule. But it was well worth the wait and I was thrilled when it finally was delivered in December 2018. I name all my cars and this one is appropriately called “Omega”, as in […]

Run to the Colors

The weekend was perfect for a drive through the NC Mountains. The Foothills Corvette Club organizes this caravan every October and invites Corvette Clubs from NC, SC, TN and VA to participate to see the fall colors. This year over 100 Corvettes made the trip. RTP Club Members, Todd and Tena Crook organized additional events […]

Ocean City Weekend

This is truly one of the most unique events! It’s about a 5 1/2 to 6 hour drive to Ocean City, Maryland (without stops). While some of the travel time was on the interstate, much of it was back road (US Highway’s) through the countryside of Virginia and Maryland. You pass tobacco, cotton and corn […]

RTP Corvettes

The C8 Corvette